Ji chang wook and oh ji eun dating site

He comes to accept his feelings for her eventually and tries to win her over again. He eventually pursues her as he realizes his feelings for her but she is skeptical to accept his feelings as she was initially rejected by him.

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Despite this, many people have cited and even speculated that the actor have dated one of his leading lady in several projects.Nam Ji Hyun will be in the role of Eun Bong Hee, a woman known for her healthy and bright characteristics. even his 1st kmovie is very good, therefore he can make a great job as actor in any genre with any actress ofc.'Suspicious Partner' will be airing in May after the end of 'Saimdang: The Herstory'. I also watched SKL , seo in guk is a great actor, but nam ji hyun is not that so good actress, she needs improve a lot.I admit nam jihyun not great on SKL i think its depends the rule what she handle.but if you watch queen seondok episode 6 part 8 ..adjust the time ..u will see how great acting skill nam ji hyun have.u can tell she deserve have a trophy for best actress.watch it..

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