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“But as soon as we established our relationship the close family was okay with it as long as we are happy.” As a secular Israeli, she sees the issue of religion as unimportant, and views Judaism as a culture.

They have two children, Mai and Adam, and decided to raise them in neither religion.

In 2013, the Supreme Court rejected a case brought by Prof.

Uzzi Ornan, a linguist and social activist, to be registered in the population registry as “Israeli” with the court saying it had ramifications for Israel’s raison d’etre as a Jewish state.

Joel Alan Katz, editor of the Religion and State website, argues, “If there was civil marriage there would be less media attention.” Conservative Rabbi Menachem Creditor of Congregation Netivot Shalom in Berkeley, California, argues that it is understandable that Jews care about maintaining their tradition in family.

“The best way to look at it is that love is bigger than organized religion.

Akad didn’t convert to Islam when marrying, as Malka did for Mansour. “That is the man she wanted and that is what he wanted and I don’t see a problem with it,” she says.It feels like loss from a view of peoplehood and tribal tradition, but two people finding each other and getting married is not a political issue.” While he acknowledges the hurt that accompanies a family when a child chooses another religion, Creditor says that “anger, violence and political protest has no place in personal choice.” Reform Rabbi Philip Nadel, an educator from central Israel, thinks the love story should be seen for what it is: “Two people fell in love, and let them live their lives.” As for the debate, it reveals how “isolated” communities are.“How many joint [Arab-Jewish] businesses, how many areas are there people working together?A Jewish woman was marrying an Arab man from Jaffa. How can you protest, it is nothing to protest, it is their personal life.” THE ISSUE of intermarriage or mixed marriage in Israel stirs controversy from time to time and this was especially the case 12 days ago with Morel Malka and Mahmud Mansour.“I posted about this marriage on Facebook and supported it. A small protest, approved by the Supreme Court, by members of anti-assimilation group Lehava took place close by.

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